Core Facility
Münster Imaging Network at WWU Münster
Usage Guideline

The Münster Imaging Network (MiN) is a subunit of the Cells in Motion Interfaculty Centre (CiMIC), a central scientific institution of the Westfälische Wilhelms University (WWU) of Münster. MiN provides access to a broad spectrum of state-of-the-art imaging technologies for scientists of life and natural sciences at WWU and beyond. An online booking system is available for access and efficient use of existing imaging technologies as well as for the management of user fees. MiN trains users in handling of complex imaging instruments and methodologies as well as maintenance and repairs. Furthermore, MiN supports planning of imaging-related projects and probe preparation as well as data analysis and archiving. The network advises all participating groups in the acquisition of new imaging hard- and software.


Dr. Thomas Zobel
POSITION Head of Core Facility


  • Laser Scanning Confocal (LSM)
  • Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF)
  • Single Molecule Imaging Techniques
  • Photoactivated Localization Microscopy (PALM)
  • Functional Imaging of Living Cells
  • Image Analysis
  • Spinning Disc Confocal
  • 2-photon Scanning Confocal (2-P)
  • Single Plane Illumination Microscopy (SPIM)
  • Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy (STORM)
  • High-throughput Microscopy
  • Structured Illumination Microscopy (SIM)
  • Bioluminescence Imaging
  • High Speed Confocal (more than 20 Hz full frame)
  • Laser ablation techniques