Name Full Name City Type Website Usage Rules
Infectious Diseases Imaging Platform Infectious Diseases Imaging Platform (IDIP) Heidelberg Core Facility
BMC LMU München Biomedical Center (BMC) at the LMU München Planegg-Martinsried Core Facility
ICCE Imaging Centre Campus Essen (ICCE), University of Duisburg-Essen Essen Core Facility
FLI-Leibniz Jena Leibniz Institute for Ageing Research - Fritz Lipmann Institute Jena Core Facility /usage-guidelines
BioDIP LMF MPI-CBG Light Microsopy Facility of the MPI-CBG Dresden Dresden Core Facility
BioDIP LMF CMCB CMCB Light Microscopy Facility Dresden Core Facility
BioDIP DZNE Imaging Platform Light Microscopy Facility of the DZNE Dresden Dresden Core Facility /usage-guidelines
BioDIP CFCI Core Facility Cellular Imaging Dresden Core Facility
MPI-BPC Goettingen Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry Göttingen Core Facility
EMBL-ALMF Advanced Light Microscopy Facility (ALMF), EMBL Heidelberg Core Facility