Image Fiji course at BIC Uni Konstanz
GerBI-GMB Rent the Trainer

Launch of programme

Following the very successful project BIN-BW (BioimageNet-Baden Württemberg), which was generously supported by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts of Baden Württemberg, German BioImaging now launches the "GerBI-GMB Rent-the-trainer" programme.

For three years, BIN-BW funded a bioimage analyst who visited University core facilities in the state of Baden-Württemberg and offered basic and advanced courses in ImageJ/Fiji, a widely used open source image analysis software. During the final period of the project, the offer was extended to imaging core facilities across Germany, who are a member in GerBI-GMB.
The GerBI-GMB Rent-the-trainer programme will adopt the same format as practised during BIN-BW.  It will cover the travelling and accommodation costs for an image analyst who brings and distributes training and expertise in biological image analysis directly to imaging core facilities. The GerBI-GMB office can also support the hosting core facility in organising the visits. If you are interested in the programme, please contact the GerBI-GMB office.