Annual community meeting 2013

Annual community meeting 2013

4th Annual Community Meeting of German BioImaging
11-12 July, 2013
Hotel Holiday Inn, Fulda (Germany)


We will start on Thursday in the early afternoon to give everyone the possibility to reach the venue during the morning. The meeting will end the day after around 1 pm.

During the GerBI Annual Community Meeting, workgroups that formed at the previous meeting in 2012 will present and discuss their results. These cover best practice models for the operation of imaging facilities, their financial and legal framework, the training of facility staff and users, and image analysis. A further topic will be the status quo of Euro-BioImaging, the pan-European infrastructure project for biological and medical imaging, and of its German contribution, German Euro-BioImaging (GEBI).

Confirmed speakers include Dr. Ivan Baines, Chief Operating Officer of the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics; Dr. Antje Keppler, EUBI Advanced Light Microscopy Project Manager; and the German BioImaging Coordinators (Elisa May and Roland Nitschke) and  and Workgroup Speakers.

Preliminary Programme (pdf)

Minutes and talks presented


Minutes of the 4th Annual Community Meeting of German BioImaging (pdf)

Slides of given presentations

Slides of presented talks are password protected. The password can be requested from Nadine Utz.

Introduction (pdf)

WG1: How to set up and run a biological imaging facility (pdf)

WG2: Financial and legal framework (pdf)

WG3: New strategies and funding schemes (pdf)

WG4: Training of facility staff (pdf)

WG5: Training of facility users (pdf)

WG6: Image Analysis (pdf)

Action Plan 2013/2014 (pdf)

Update on EUBI (pdf)

Update on the German Roadmap Process and GEBI (pdf)

other presentations are to be published shortly

Videos of given presentations

Videos of presented talks are password protected and made only available to participants of the meeting. To get access contact Nadine Utz.

  • Linux: works out of the box
  • Windows: some Windows versions (e.g. Windows 7) do not include a password protection zip/unzip-option. Use a special zip program such as, for example, 7-Zip or WinRAR instead.
  • Mac: not tested


The meeting will take place at the Hotel Holiday Inn in Fulda like last year. A detailed journey description for traveling by car and train as well as a map is available on the hotel's webpage.

Registration, Terms and Conditions


The costs of the meeting will be covered by GerBI. Travel arrangements and expenses are carried by the participants. 


The number of participants is limited to 40. Therefor, we recommend to register timely. Registration deadline is the 1st of July.
> Registration is not any longer possible, sorry.


Cancellation policy

For last minute cancellation received after the 1st of July or no-show, 50% of the deriving costs (75 €) will be covered by the late cancelling/ no-show participant. If cancellation is due to sickness then a medical certificate is required. Cancellations must be sent to: Nadine Utz


Should you have any further questions or comments, please contact the German BioImaging project manager Nadine Utz.