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Image Analysis Survey 2013

Survey results

This survey was prepared and distributed by the Workgroup "Image Analysis" of the German BioImaging network in 2013.

The information provided by the survey is used to clearly identify the image analysis needs/focus of users/developers:

  1. Index and provide existing image analysis solutions for the basic user
  2. Strengthen the development of user-friendly image analysis software within the image analysis community

The purpose is to address the different needs of the broad user community with their diverse expectations.


Image Survey-1
Overview participants / Entries


Image Survey-2
Microscope data


image Survey-3
Image analysis needs / focus [1]


Image Survey-4
Image analysis needs / focus [2]


Image Survey-5
Software / Environments


Image Survey-6
Image analysis infrastructure


Image Survey-7
Data bases / Data pipelines


Image Survey-8
Comments (examples)


Image Survey-9
'Results' (highest priority / interest / focus)