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Training BDI material

On this page you will find teaching materials for the module "Basics of Digital Imaging"


The Basics of Digital Imaging (BDI).pptx contains a Powerpoint presentation with slides for a lecture on Basic Microscope Optics.

Liege Guillemins

What you can do with this image:

  • look at the repetitive pattern of the roof, draw horizontal intensity profiles on different positions or at the same position at different image scalings: Nyquist theorem
  • point at the dark area below the train and the headlights: an area of the image with black or saturated pixels contains no structural information (although we know that there must be structure in both areas)
  • play with different contrast, reduce the bitdepth and check the image histogram to demonstrate the loss of information
  • save the image in different file formats and then substract from the original to demonstrate how the information change
Liege Station BW
Image: Liege Guillemins